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The book...Yes, I'm writing a book. It was my long-awaited project and quite an endeavour, as I'm fighting against clock to find time between my work and life to get time for making my grandad's life into a book.

It all begun when my granddad gave me his memouirs - and trust me, his life is very unusual and truly fascinating. He was born in 1916 in rural area in Russia, and spent his life in the pursuit of beter life for himself, his family and his country. Hunger, Revolution and the War stood on his way. Still not convinced? More hunger, suffering and deprivation ensued in the post-war time, when he, just like millons of other Soviet pople, were building Communism and the new Russia. Alas, his ship has hit a bitter rock of disappointment after the collapse of the Soviet Union, dismounting of the Communism, and coming of the "new order" , when the strongest, the most ruthless survive and thrive. And all the real heroes are left with is oblivion and misery trying to sustain on their pitiful pension.

This book is not only the story of my grandad's life - it's a first-hand experience and the description of the life of the whole generation, which bear striking semblance with the history of the whole country over the past century.

At the moment, an incremental and more or less regularly updated version of the book is available on my website. So far, in Russian only. I promise I will translate it into English as soon as possible, so watch this space!!!

Get Russian version here (file "Book.doc", choose "Download")