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Dave and Bonnie Ireland will always be very special friends to all of us. They were one of my first real friends when I came to Edinburgh. I recall wth much wormth our parties with sushi and vodka at their place, our hikings and outings, our misic sharing and the play of Taboo. I have not met many people of sush good heart and breadth of contageous interests as Dave and Bonnie. The guys had to go to the US some time ago, so I lost track of them (I'm more than sure- only temporarily). Becides, Dave said on his website that he would drink with me as soon as he snatches his Ph.D.

So, looking forward to crush together again, and, hopefully, soon. We're missing you, guys!



"Dontforget" Alan Smith :-) Alan has been a good friend of ours for a good while and he was always there if we needed to have a someone to share our thoughts and troubles with. We had one of our bes laughs and longes night talks together. Oh, yes, and I bet Egorka still remembers watching "Monsters Inc" through the night. And, I guess, he's the only one of our English friends who knows why Yahoo will never register in the eu domain (sorry, a Russian joke).