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Imagine how hard it is to harbour an artistic soul in a totally talentless body - in all arts without exception (that's about me):

  • I hardly can tell which way round to hold a paintbrush
  • People close their ears when I'm singing (well, this is what I think I'm doing, anyway...)
  • I can't play even a drum

So, I turned my eyes to photography. I think this art was cretead for such poor sods as I am - all you have to do is to press the button, and the job for you is already done by the whole bunch of real artists (I mean people who designed and made your camera). At least, you carry home something to remember...

I'm still pretty crap even at photography (well, I worked out how to use the diaphragm and shutters so as not to get completely dark or stark white frame). Nonetheless, my artistic soul keeps driving me to continue, to learn, read more, experiment and keep trying, trying... Bothering all my family and friends and even strangers to pose for me (I have to burn most of the pictures I come up with for the fear of being beaten by my subjects), desperately shooting the city I live in and the cities I visit (at least stones dont fight back!), and still being desperately useless. Forunately, persistent, so have a look.

My current camera is Minolta Dimage A1- pretty good camera for an amateur, huh!. Love its features and fuctioning, and, above all, the lens (alas, fixed one - but the most universal in its class). My only disappointment is a high-ish levels of noise and the absence of proper bulb mode - chek out the review.

BTW, I founf the utility NeatImage extreamly useful for removing image noise, even in its freely available trial version.

See the following links for my pictures:

  • Nesta.photosight.ru - what I think are my best pictures, on quite a serious Russian photo-website (fortunately, one does not need to read Russian to see the picture)
  • Unfortunately, there is a strict limit on the photo site above, so I have cretaed a folder on a free hosting server where I promice to put new pictures regularly. There will be only chosen pictures, in oter words, the best, in my opinion. See this folder here
  • Watch this space for more pictures